Friday, 16 December 2016

Fix MacBook USB Problems & Mac Storage Space

1. Free Up Optimized Space Storage in Mac

Optimized storage in macOS sierra proves to be a space saver. It stores your content in the cloud. The same content is available on demand. When the need arises about the storage space, files are stored in the cloud automatically. If you want to see an overview of the free space, you can choose the Mac from the Apple menu and after that, you click storage. By this, you see the overview of the free space as per the different categories that include photos, documents as well as applications. You have an option to click on the manage button for optimizing the storage. Apple contact support center offers Apple technical support services on macOS Sierra's optimized storage through team of highly trained certified Apple technicians.

Optimized storage

You can tap on the optimize button and then select from the options mentioned below.
Automatically remove TV shows and watched iTunes movies: When there is the need of storage space, TV shows or iTunes movies that you have already watched are automatically eradicated from the Mac. Next to the TV show or the movie, you have to click on the download icon. This is for downloading again.  Read more at

2. How to Solve Issue of USB Port in MacBook Pro?

There is an improper working of MacBook pro USB port at times. It does not give other devices any recognition during that time period. Many people are having the complaints with the USB port for MacBook pro. But for every problem, there is a solution. You do not have to worry for anything if you follow the exact guidelines. One of the solutions to deal with the problem could be the reset of SMC or PRAM. By SMC, you mean the resetting of the system management controller. Contact Apple support technical team by dialing Apple customer care number to help fix MacBook USB driver problems. You can get help. Read more at:-

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